Business Startup for Teens Blog Series

Teens are having a harder and harder time finding jobs these days.  With many adults taking what used to be typical teen jobs, like fast food workers, it’s difficult to find a first job. My teens and even young adult daughters are struggling to find jobs in today’s job market. With that in mind, I wanted to create a free resource for teens to earn some money of their own.

I’m thrilled to announce that  I will be kicking off a 10-part blog series on how teens can launch a business.  Whether you are looking to make some extra spending money or looking to change the world, this series will get you started.  The Business Startup for Teens Series will walk you through brainstorming ideas and help you get your business started. It is meant for teens aged 13 and up, but much of it can be applied to younger kids if they are particularly ambitious (like mine).

The series will kick off with an introductory post here at Mission Possible.  A new post will be added every Friday.  Be sure to sign up for blog post notifications in the sidebar so you get notifications when new posts have been added to the series!

I’m so excited to be going on this journey with you!

Teens Launch a Business