There’s no such thing as failure

One of the biggest fears kids have when it comes to starting a business is that they are going to fail.  Hey, we adults aren’t much different! I can think back to when I started my first business.  I  had all these thoughts racing through my mind:

  • Maybe I don’t have enough education, experience or degrees.
  • Lots of people are already doing this. What makes me different?
  • What if I run out of money?
  • I will fail.  People will think I am a failure.

Do any of these sound familiar?

It’s okay, I promise.  Everyone starting a new business has their own doubts.   Check out the inspiring TEDx video below of Gabrielle Jordan Williams, who started Jewelz of Jordan when she was 9 years old.  She talks about the mindset you need to be an entrepreneur. She’s also a published author.  You can find her book, The Making of a Young Entrepreneur: The Kids Guide to Developing The Mind-Set for Success on Amazon.