I know you. I’ve seen you selling lemonade on the corner during the hottest day of the summer. You are the girl all your parents’ friends call when they need a babysitter. You are the guy that mows lawns in the summer and shovels snow in the winter.  It’s great to have spending money that you don’t have to beg your parents for. I know.

But it’s more than that, isn’t it? Sure the extra money is great. But you want to do more. You have a great new idea that will solve a problem you are passionate about. Maybe you were bullied in school and have an idea that will help other kids who are bullied. Maybe you want to raise awareness of how serious teen depression is. You have ideas and solutions that you want to put into motion and make great changes in your school, community or the world!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it

Start a business

Sell a product. Provide a service. Take your talents and passions and turn them into a successful business.

Make a difference

Donate a portion of your profits, raise funds for a cause or invent a life saving device and make a significant impact.

Change the World

Yes, you! I’m here to tell you that one person (like YOU) can change the world, even just a small part of it, no matter your age.

Startup Stock Photos


You are Generation Z!

Some of the smartest people I have known have been teens. You were born into this technological age and have intuitively learned about it. You are teaching your parents and other adults how to use the internet, social media and the latest gadgets. This is the best age for entrepreneurship!

Mission Accepted


Mission Accepted

There are stories all over the internet about teens (and even younger kids) starting businesses. REAL businesses, making real money AND becoming agents of change in their communities solving social issues they care about. Are you ready to learn more, rookie?

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