Mission Possible

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  • Introduction

    Intro to Director Gibbons, community tour and documentation

  • Bootcamp

    Entrepreneur Qualities and villains,

  • Mission 1 - Mission Control
  • Mission 2 - Form your Alliances
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  • Mission 3 - League of Mentors
  • Mission 4 - Gather your Intel

    eview business planning Types of business - products/servies Social Entrepreneurship Target Market Validate your Idea Competition CTA - Answer questions & fill out business plan Supporting Documents -Questions PDF -Fill in the blank PDF -Questions to ask when evaluating competitors

  • Mission 5 - Proper Protocols

    Identify forms of business & legal Requirements * Sole Proprietor * Partnership * Corporation * Licensing * State Requirements * Taxes Q&A to decide type of business Links to state requriements CTA - Decide on your form of business, Research your state requirements

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  • Mission 6 - (Not So) Secret Identity

    Get the business branding in place NAme Slogan Logo Mission Statement Colors Mood Board CTA - Identify your business branding Supporting Documents * Name Reference Notes * Sample Slogans * Popular Logos * Mission Statement Generator (?) * Color Theory * Mood Board Sample & Blank Activities * Create a logo * Create a mood board

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  • Mission 7 - Spy Tech

    Goal: Identify supplies needed to start and run your business Product Supplies Hardware Software BAsic Supplies CTA List all supplies you already have List all supplies you need Research the cost of the supplies you need Supporting Documents Favorite Free & Low Cost Resources

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  • Mission 8 - Secure your Assets

    Goal: Learn how to open bank accounts, get start up money, set prices & keep books Open a checking account Balance a checkbook Bookkeeping basics Fundraising Startup Money Sources Pricing products/services CTA - Open a bank account - Create Projected Start up Costs - Create projected operating costs Supporting Documents Blank check ledge with register & sample blank ledge with sample Fundraising sources Pricing worksheet

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  • Mission 9 - Most Wanted

    Goal: Learn various ways to market. Decide which are appropriate for your business. Offline * Word of mouth * Alliance partnerships * Flyers * Business cards * Vendor Fairs * Direct Mail Online * Website * Social Media * Blog * Banners * Videos * Forums Great Customer Service CTA - Decide what marketing will work best for your business Supporting Documents * Flyer Templates * Biz card templates * Resource list CHALLENGE Create a marketing flyer for your business

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  • Mission Possible
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