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{Teen Launch Blog Series}Your Marketing Plan

In a previous post, I told you what marketing was, but didn’t really touch on why you need it.  Marketing increases customer awareness of your business.  Effective marketing reaches all the right people, your target market. It creates awareness of your business and your brand.  it also is repetitive.  Did you know a potential customer must […]

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{Teen Launch Blog Series} Branding

At this point, you should have decided what type of business to start.  You should have your customer avatar filled out in the worksheet you downloaded in the last lesson.  Finally, you should have your pricing figured out.  Now it’s time to start getting into the fun stuff. Brand Heidi Cohen of Riverside Marketing Strategies has […]

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{Teen Launch Blog Series} Blast off to success

The last post in this series focused on refining your business ideas and choosing one to make a business. I gave you three questions to ask yourself to help you narrow down your ideas into one business plan. Hopefully, you’ve figured it out. If you are struggling to come up with an idea to go […]

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