10 Benefits of Being a Teen Entrepreneur

As a parent, you may wondering if it’s even a good idea for your teen to start a business. You may think that between school, sports and club activities, they won’t have time. You may be right. You would know better than anyone. But I wouldn’t rule it out completely. I know. A business sounds […]

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Problem solving to find ideas for business

Maybe you already have a business idea in mind. Maybe you have a hobby or talent that you’d like to share with others. Do you love to scrapbook and can create them for others. After all, you love creating a book to help you remember all the good times so others probably do too. Or […]

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Teens and Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are people who start a business with the intent to donate profits to a social cause, create a new product, service, or a new approach to a social problem. In other words, any time an entrepreneur engages in work specifically to help a community problem, organization or the world at large. One of […]

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