{Teen Launch Blog Series} The 411 on Business Startup for Teens

I’m so excited that our Teen Launch Blog Series, Business Startup for Teens, goes live on Monday, June 1st.   By the end of the series, if you do all the activities, you’ll have a great business plan formed and you’ll be ready to rock!  I’ll still be posting some regular blog posts that will inspire and help you AND keep your eyes open for some surprise bonuses! The series posts will go live every Monday and Friday each week in June, as well as some bonuses in between and a Wrap up on June 29th!

In Part 1, Business Idea Brainstorming, we’ll be starting with the basics.  You need to know what business you want to start.  Maybe you already make a product like bath soaps or have an idea from something missing from the market, such as teen Hart Main’s man-scented candles.  Maybe you have a skill that can be transferred to a business like web design or lawn care.  You’ll walk through your hobbies, talents, and skills to find a business that is perfect for you and examine your community for what might be missing!

In Part 2, Refine & Decide, we’ll be looking at all your business ideas from part 1 and narrowing it down to the one that is sure to be the most successful.

In Part 3,  Plan to Succeed, you learn the single most important factor that determines your success in business.  Getting clear on who your customers are and what problem you are solving for them.  We’ll also take a look at startup costs and pricing your services.

In Part 4, Marketing (or what I call the Fun Part), we’ll take a look at setting your company brand up.  Your brand is not just your visual identity like company name and logo but also your message and your voice.  Once you’ve figured that out, we will dive into which marketing materials will work best for your business as well as which medium (think Social media and video marketing) works best for your type of business.

Part 5, Pre-Launch, we’ll get some systems in place that will help you organize and keep your business on track.  Systems like order tracking and accepting payment.  And then we will end with whether you really need a website in today’s business. (The answer is usually YES!)

Part 6, Land your First Customer, you’ll get your first customers (obviously!).  We’ll talk about less popular ways to get your name out into the public eye.  Like excellent customer service, word of mouth and incentives.

In Part 7, Keeping Track of Finances, well, you probably can figure it out.  You’ll learn some basic accounting practices that will keep your finances in check.  (I promise this isn’t as scary as it sounds.) We’ll also talk about opening a bank account and paying taxes.

Finally, in Part 8, Growing your Business, we’ll cover some additional marketing techniques as well as adding products/services to your business and hiring employees.

Whew!  We will be busy this month, won’t we?

Teens. Need a job this summer? Maybe not! Launch a business instead #teenentrepreneur