Minimum wage job vs. entrepreneurship

Why should you start a business instead of just looking for a job? There are a lot of reasons why starting a business might be a better option for you.  I’m going to cover the major one in this post. Money Getting a job where you work for minimum wage isn’t going to make you a […]

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Business Startup for Teens Blog Series

Teens are having a harder and harder time finding jobs these days.  With many adults taking what used to be typical teen jobs, like fast food workers, it’s difficult to find a first job. My teens and even young adult daughters are struggling to find jobs in today’s job market. With that in mind, I […]

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There’s no such thing as failure

One of the biggest fears kids have when it comes to starting a business is that they are going to fail.  Hey, we adults aren’t much different! I can think back to when I started my first business.  I  had all these thoughts racing through my mind: Maybe I don’t have enough education, experience or […]

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