{Teen Launch Blog Series}Your Marketing Plan

In a previous post, I told you what marketing was, but didn’t really touch on why you need it.  Marketing increases customer awareness of your business.  Effective marketing reaches all the right people, your target market. It creates awareness of your business and your brand.  it also is repetitive.  Did you know a potential customer must […]

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Socially Responsible Gifting – Gifts That Give Back

Society B Sackcloth + Ashes Blanket – For every blanket purchased, Sackloth + Ashes donates one to a homeless shelter. WAKAWAKA POWER+ Portable Solar Charger – For every unit you buy, WakaWaka gives one to a family living without power. Seattle Chocolates – For every purchase, food is donated to local communities in need across America.  #chocolategives Kamie Cat’s […]

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Be prepared to leave your comfort zone

Doing things that are easy or that come natural to you will only get you so far in your business. In order to grow and reach maximum success, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Do the hard work. I don’t know any business owner that would tell you otherwise. Are you afraid […]

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